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Couple/Relationship Counselling

Maura McCranor works with couples experiencing difficulties in their realtionship. Relationships are an integral part of 

all our lives. Healthy relationships bring happiness and positivity to our lives and can be a source of support and comfort to us.

However when our relationships go wrong all areas of our lives seem to be effected.  Good  communication and 

understanding are the cornerstones of all healthy relationships, yet these are qualities that we are often not taught. 

 In times of stress and upset it may be even more difficult to communicate with the people who are most important to us.


 Maura  provides a confidential therapeutic service for couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship. She provides an

opportunity for the couple to explore and understand these difficulties and find ways to resolve them satisfactorily for both

people.They may be arguing a lot or not communicating at all, the couple may be drifting apart unsure of what to do

about it. One of the couple may have had an affair or be thinking about seperating or they may be struggling with some major

life event like illness, financial problems or family deaths. Counselling a couple involves exploring what each person wants. 

This may be rebuilding the relationship in a loving positive way or it may be helping them to seperate in a less destructive

harmful way.



Maura did her initial Couples Therapy training with Dr's Bob and Rita Resnick in 2009. She trained with Relationship Ireland in

Dublin in 2011/2012 and graduated with a certificate in Couple Counselling in December 2012.