Phone (086)3827742

Address: Clonakilty Natural Therapies, Bank House,1 Emmet Square, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

Clonakilty Natural Therapies

 Clonakilty Natural Therapies is a holistic treatment centre in Clonakilty. Many of the therapists worked  

successfully for several years in the Natural Healing Rooms, however when this premises closed in April 2010 these

therapits reunited to create a new treatment centre providing a professional centre of excellence. They have been joined

by other qualified professionals  to provide a comprehensive range of therapies.


The spacious clinic is situated on the first and second floor of Bank House, Emmet Square (the blue door to the left of

the entrance to the Emmet Hotel). The aim of the practicioners of Clonakilty Natural Therapies is to create a centre of

expertise for holistic treatments in Clonakilty, a place where people can benefit from a variety of complimentary and

professional therapies in a therapeutic, confidential environment.                                                                                                                                             



Maura McCranor.       Psychotherapist/Counsellor.                                        (086)3827742                

Alan Bowens.             Acupuncturist.                                                               (087)2852939                    

Sarah Leather.            Homeopath/Natural Fertility Consultant.                    (087)2332023                  

Lisa Brinkmann         Clinical Psychologist.                                                     (087)6705234