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Counselling and Psychotherapy service


West Cork Counselling provides Counselling and Psychotherapy services at reasonable prices by

Maura McCranor a fully qualified accredited Psychotherapist (M.I.A.H.P.) with a Masters Degree in

Psychotherapy in Clonakilty, Co. Cork.


Counselling and Psychotherapy are types of talk therapy whereby the individual is encouraged and supported in exploring and

expressing their feelings,emotions and behaviour in a safe caring environment. The therapist is there to help the client through

the emotional distress they may be experiencing.


Psychotherapists are trained to listen, support and help the individual make the changes they believe necessary to improve 

the quality of their life and relationships.



We live in a busy stressful world and there are many different types of experiences and emotions that are difficult for people to

cope with from time to time. Usually we are able to deal with these difficulties but sometimes we are faced with a situation that

we do not at that time have the necessary resources to resolve satisfactorily.


Counselling or Psychotheraphy provides a professional, confidential, safe and non-judgemental environment to explore these



REASONS CLIENTS MAY ATTEND PSYCHOTHERAPISTS INCLUDE:                                                            


Relationship/Marital problems.   

Anger and Aggression.    


Physical, Emotional or Sexual abuse.          


Eating Disorders.      


Stress related difficulties.

Teenagers struggling with the pressure of their lives and relationships.       

Unresolved difficulties from the past.       


These are just some issues that people may have when coming for counselling or psychotherapy . You

may also have other issues of your own not listed above. 



Maura sees clients in

Clonakilty Natural Therapies,

Bank House,

Emmet Square,


West Cork.


To arrange an appointment please call (086) 3827742